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The pruner's bible : a step-by-step guide to pruning every plant in your garden
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Author Notes
STEVE BRADLEY, winner of the 2002 Garden Writers' Guild Award, has been a broadcaster for the BBC and independent television and radio stations, and writes for Garden Monthly, the Royal Horticultural Society's RHS Journal, and the BBC's Gardeners World magazine. He lives in England.
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Learn how to prune more than 80 popular plants to get the best display of flowers, foliage, colorful stems, and fruits.<br> <br> Pruning is probably the area of gardening that causes the most anxiety to the average gardener. Many books add to that anxiety with illustrations that show completely different plants from those in the reader's own garden, or directions that use complex terms without explaining them. In contrast, this plant-by-plant guide demonstrates the correct pruning technique for 80 of the most widely planted trees and shrubs, with photographs and instructions that are so clear they will inspire confidence in even the novice gardener. Read The Pruner's Bible by Steve Bradley to discover:<br> o Basic rights and wrongs about making cuts-with information clearly photographed in step-by-step sequence<br> o What tools to buy and how to look after them-and how to choose the right tool for each job<br> o What to do with the prunings-the pros and cons of shredding, burning, bagging, and composting<br> o How to select young trees and shrubs that will grow into well-shaped specimens-with little or no pruning required<br> <br> Covering shrubs, climbers, roses, and ornamental and fruit trees, with separate sections on hedges, topiary, and special techniques, this outstanding guide will remain a bible of pruning for years to come.
Table of Contents
How to use this bookp. 6
Pruning Essentialsp. 8
Directory of Plantsp. 28
Abeliap. 30
Actinidiap. 32
Amelanchierp. 34
Aroniap. 36
Aucuba japonicap. 38
Berberis (deciduous)p. 40
Berberis (evergreen)p. 42
Bignonia capreolatap. 44
Bougainvilleap. 46
Buddleja davidiip. 48
Callicarpap. 50
Callistemonp. 52
Callunap. 54
Camelliap. 56
Campsisp. 58
Ceanothus (deciduous)p. 60
Ceanothus (evergreen)p. 62
Cercisp. 64
Chaenomelesp. 66
Choisyap. 68
Clematis (early-flowering)p. 70
Clematis (midseason-flowering)p. 72
Clematis (late-flowering)p. 74
Cornus alba and sericeap. 76
Cotinusp. 78
Cotoneaster (deciduous)p. 80
Cotoneaster (evergreen)p. 82
Cytisusp. 84
Euonymusp. 86
Ficusp. 88
Forsythiap. 90
Fremontodendronp. 92
Fuchsiap. 94
Hederap. 96
Hibiscusp. 98
Hydrangea (shrub)p. 100
Hydrangea (climbing)p. 102
Ilexp. 104
Jasminump. 106
Lagerstroemiap. 108
Lavandulap. 110
Lonicera (climbing)p. 112
Lonicera (shrub)p. 114
Magnoliap. 116
Mahoniap. 118
Malusp. 120
Osmanthusp. 122
Passiflorap. 124
Philadelphusp. 126
Photiniap. 128
Potentillap. 130
Prunus (deciduous)p. 132
Prunus (evergreen)p. 134
Pyracanthap. 136
Rhododendronp. 138
Rosa (large-flowered)p. 140
Rosa (cluster-flowered)p. 142
Rosa (shrub and species)p. 144
Rosa (climbers)p. 146
Rosa (ramblers)p. 148
Rosmarinusp. 150
Salixp. 152
Sambucusp. 154
Spiraeap. 156
Syringap. 158
Taxusp. 160
Vacciniump. 162
Viburnum (deciduous)p. 164
Viburnum (evergreen)p. 166
Vitisp. 168
Weigelap. 170
Wisteriap. 172
Special Featuresp. 176
Treesp. 178
Standard treesp. 182
Conifersp. 184
Hedgesp. 188
Climbersp. 196
Groundcoverp. 198
Low-maintenance pruningp. 200
Renovation pruningp. 202
Specialized pruningp. 206
Tablesp. 212
Glossaryp. 218
Indexp. 220
Acknowledgmentsp. 224
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