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Smart is the new rich : if you can't afford it, put it down
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Author Notes
CHRISTINE ROMANS is the host of CNN's Your $$$$$, as well as a featured correspondent on the network's American Morning and CNN International. She is a former correspondent for both Moneyline and Lou Dobbs Tonight , and spent several years reporting from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. In 2004, she received an Emmy Award for her reporting on Exporting America, a Lou Dobbs Tonight investigation into the impact of globalization on U.S. workers. Prior to joining CNN, Romans reported for Reuters and Knight-Ridder Financial News.
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A practical way to think about money today <p>Author and CNN veteran money correspondent Christine Romans believes we should live by three qualifiers: living within our means, living with less debt, and being less vulnerable. While some may say this is old-fashioned, today it's hard to argue with Romans' view.</p> <p> Smart is the New Rich explores how adopting a new approach to money can lead to a healthier financial lifestyle. Each chapter opens with a question about money to begin the conversation about earning, saving, spending, growing, and protecting your money. Using checklists and quizzes, Romans guides you through the "New Normal," helping you to think differently about your money and relearning good habits for prosperity.</p> Reexamines the money rules abandoned during the consumer bubble and poses the essential questions we should ask ourselves before spend our money Provides an interactive, step-by-step guide to all things money, from credit, debt, and savings to investing, taxes, and mortgages A companion Web site allows you to chat with other readers about jobs, mortgage rates, investing, and saving <p>For thirty years, the financial rules for life revolved around abundant credit. That bubble has burst. Smart is the New Rich addresses why these rules no longer apply, and reveals what it will take to make the right money choices moving forward.</p>
Table of Contents
Forewordp. xiii
Prefacep. xv
Acknowledgmentsp. xix
Chapter 1Reset, Repair, Recoverp. 1
Pop!p. 2
The Retro Resetp. 4
Repair the Balance Sheetp. 5
Recoverp. 8
The Payoffp. 11
Chapter 2Spending Your $$$$$p. 13
Going Retrop. 14
Living Beyond Their Meansp. 18
The Value Consumerp. 19
The Recession-Wearyp. 21
The Conspicuous Consumerp. 22
A Fool and His Moneyp. 22
Be a Good Stewardp. 23
Retro Spending Rulesp. 25
The Payoffp. 29
Chapter 3Your Jobp. 31
Turning the Cornerp. 34
Top of Your Game Every Dayp. 36
Take a Pay Cut?p. 40
Switching Careersp. 42
Where Are the Jobs?p. 45
Location, Location, Locationp. 48
Educationp. 49
Good Pay, No Degreep. 52
Green-Collar Jobsp. 54
You've Just Lost Your Jobp. 56
You Have a Job-Protect Itp. 65
You Think Layoffs Are Comingp. 69
The Permalancerp. 69
Long-Term Unemployedp. 71
No Job Yet? Write It Offp. 72
The Payoffp. 73
Chapter 4Debtp. 75
Miracle or Mirage?p. 77
Sit on an Apple Boxp. 80
Generation Debtp. 82
Respect Credit, Pay Off Debtp. 84
The Dreaded Scorep. 86
Student Loansp. 90
$200 Saved Now or Pay $396 Laterp. 96
Keeping Down College Costsp. 99
Student Loan Defaultsp. 103
Mortgage Debtp. 103
Will Borrowing Costs Rise?p. 105
The Payoffp. 106
Chapter 5Credit Cardsp. 107
Credit Card "Rich"p. 108
New Rules, Rights, and Trapsp. 112
Credit Card Gotchasp. 113
Debt Free in Threep. 118
Card Payment Strategiesp. 122
Cutting Up the Cardsp. 123
Debt Revoltp. 125
Boring Is Betterp. 127
Debtor Bewarep. 129
The Payoffp. 133
Chapter 6Home Sweet Homep. 135
POP!p. 140
Affordabilityp. 143
Mortgage Rate versus Home Pricep. 149
Getting a Loanp. 151
The Fancy Kitchen Dreamp. 153
Rentingp. 155
Losing a Homep. 157
The Inevitable Scamsp. 161
The Payoffp. 162
Chapter 7Save, Invest, Retirep. 163
Good Stewardp. 165
The Proverbial Rainy Dayp. 166
Getting Started, Starting Overp. 169
Finding Your Magic Numberp. 171
Fixing Your 401(k)p. 175
Sabotaging Your Retirementp. 176
Stay Focusedp. 178
ETFp. 180
The Payoffp. 184
Chapter 8Family Moneyp. 185
Lead by Examplep. 186
Take Out the Trash!p. 187
Generation Yp. 194
Paying for Collegep. 198
Sandwich Generationp. 200
Caring for a Parentp. 203
'Til Debt Do Us Partp. 206
Breaking Up Is Hard to Dop. 210
The Payoffp. 212
Chapter 9Health Carep. 213
Reform and Youp. 215
Under 26 Years Oldp. 216
State Health Exchangesp. 219
CLASS Actp. 220
FSA Changesp. 222
Hospital Responsibilityp. 223
Health Care as Livelihoodp. 224
The Payoffp. 227
Chapter 10Small Businessp. 229
The Disappearing Bankerp. 231
"I Can Create Jobs!"p. 233
Social Butterflyp. 237
Shop Localp. 240
Cupcake Sistersp. 242
Yes to Carrotsp. 245
Find the Moneyp. 248
The Payoffp. 252
Chapter 11Governmentp. 253
United States of Bailoutsp. 255
They Got It Wrongp. 256
Spend, Spend, Spendp. 262
The Payoffp. 266
Appendix ACover Letters: The Good, the Bad, the Uglyp. 267
Appendix BWeb Resourcesp. 275
Notesp. 279
About the Authorp. 287
Indexp. 289
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