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Cass Turnbull's guide to pruning : what, when, where & how to prune for a more beautiful garden
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Author Notes
Cass Turnbull is the founder of PlantAmnesty, the organization committed to putting a stop to mal-pruning by providing accurate information about pruning and garden maintenance. She has been a professional gardener in Seattle for more than twenty-five years. Find out more at
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Prune trees, shrubs, and other plants with the knowledge that will make your plants grow in healthy and aesthetic ways. Covering 160 plants with clear instructions and illustrations, Cass Turnbull will show you exactly how to prune any plant in your garden. This 3rd Edition of Cass Turnbull's Guide to Pruning covers more than twenty additional plants in three new chapters. The result is the new definitive guide for the home gardener with friendly, expert advice from Cass Turnbull, founder of Seattle's PlantAmnesty, whose mission is "to end the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs caused by mal-pruning."<br> <br> Here are ten commandments for preventing mal-pruning and other gardening sins:<br> <br> The Ten Gardener Commandments<br> 1. Thou shalt not shear thy bush.<br> 2. Thou shalt not top thy tree.<br> 3. Thou shalt not plant thy sun-lover in the shade, nor thy shade-lover in the sun.<br> 4. Thou shalt mulch.<br> 5. Thou shalt not leave stubs.<br> 6. Thou shalt not flush cut, neither shalt thou paint wounds.<br> 7. Thou shalt not cover up the base of thy plant, or thy tree, or thy shrub. Neither with mulch, nor with soil, nor with any landscape material.<br> 8. Thou shalt cut circling/girdling roots.<br> 9. Thou shalt not compact the root zone of thy tree, nor trench near the trunk of thy tree.<br> 10. Thou shalt not weed-whip the trunk of thy tree, nor bash it with thine mower, nor leave anything tied on thy tree or the branches of thy tree, as is done in the land of the philistines.
Table of Contents
Forewordp. ix
Acknowledgmentsp. xi
Introductionp. xiii
Part 1The Basics
Chapter 1Basic Cutsp. 3
Chapter 2Selective Pruning Techniquesp. 17
Chapter 3Suckers and Water Sproutsp. 23
Chapter 4Looking For Deadwoodp. 29
Chapter 5Timingp. 33
Chapter 6Pruning Toolsp. 39
Chapter 7How to Prune Hedgesp. 47
Chapter 8Principles of Landscape Renovationp. 53
Chapter 9The Most Common Design Errorsp. 59
Part 2The Plants
Chapter 10Mounding-Habit Shrubsp. 67
Abeliap. 68
Boxwoodp. 72
Burning Bushp. 75
Evergreen Azaleap. 78
Heath/Heather, Lavender, Rockrose, and Broomp. 83
Juniperp. 87
Spiraeap. 91
Three More Mounders: Escallonia, Mexican Orange, and Flowering Quincep. 93
Chapter 11Cane-Growing Shrubsp. 105
Bamboo, Heavenly Bamboo, Kerria, Oregon Grape, and Julian's Barberryp. 106
Forsythiap. 112
Hydrangeap. 120
Hybrid Tea Rosesp. 123
Three More Cane-Growers: Butterfly Bush, Mock Orange, and Red Twig Dogwoodp. 131
Chapter 12Tree-Like Shrubsp. 141
Camelliap. 144
Cotoneasterp. 147
Deciduous Azaleap. 153
English Laurel, English Holly, and Photiniap. 155
Lilacp. 159
Rhododendronp. 162
Viburnum x Bodnantense and Beautyberryp. 172
Witch Hazel, Doublefile Viburnum, and Winter Hazelp. 175
More Tree-Likes: Pieris and Golden Thread Cypress, Smoke Bush, and Other Stick-Up Plantsp. 181
Chapter 13Vinesp. 89
Clematisp. 194
Wisteriap. 196
Chapter 14Treesp. 205
Big Treesp. 218
Dogwoodp. 230
Fruit Treesp. 235
Japanese Laceleaf Maplep. 243
Japanese Maplep. 247
Magnoliap. 253
Ornamental Cherry, Crabapple, and Purple-Leaf Plum Treesp. 257
Weeping Cherryp. 263
Japanese Pruning of Pinesp. 267
Chapter 15Ground Coversp. 273
English Ivyp. 276
Hypericump. 280
Salalp. 281
Chapter 16Even More Plants to Prunep. 283
Aucuba, Fatsia, and Skimmiap. 284
Ceanothusp. 286
Daphnep. 288
Hollywood Juniperp. 291
Sarcococca and Drooping Leucothoëp. 294
Strawberry Bushp. 296
Viburnum Davidiip. 298
The Whackables: Lavatera, Senecio Greyi, Perovskia, Hardy Fuchsia, and Cape Fuchsiap. 300
Chapter 17Three Fruit-Bearersp. 305
Figsp. 306
Grapesp. 309
Raspberriesp. 311
Chapter 18Taming the Native-Plant Gardenp. 315
Appendix 1Regional Pruning by Plant Habitp. 327
Appendix 2Three Views on Sterilizing Your Toolsp. 335
Indexp. 343
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