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The twelve-day Christmas of Silverlenne Forest
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"Do you realize what just happened? Never mind his claim to the Kingdom We might never see our sister again " Princess Abigail watches her kingdom's Christmas enchantments, meets Prince Ryan, and is almost kidnapped within the space of a single day. The King asks Ryan to protect Abigail and her two sisters, whether they are flying through the sky or bouncing on clouds. All the while, Abigail and Ryan are assisted by the four fairies in seeking a betrothal gift that will please the king and queen. It shouldn't be impossible, but the woods by the castle are proven not as safe as they were before. The gifts keep sensing danger and running away. When the kidnapper returns for Abigail, he plans to marry her to seal what he'll start with his army. Prince Ryan, Charlotte, and Cora search for Abigail across the kingdom with help from five liquid-sunlight rings, eight dancing milkmaids, and ten lords marching to battle. Meanwhile, Abigail works with the fairies to escape her captor's fortress. Ryan and the others have days to find her or the Kingdom will be lost, and Abigail with it.
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