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No way back
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Author Notes
Matthew Klein is the author of Con Ed, which was published in over a dozen foreign countries and is being made into a feature film. He graduated from Yale in 1990 and founded several technology companies in Silicon Valley before moving to New York, where he lives.
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  Publishers Weekly Review

In this uneven financial thriller from Klein (Con Ed), onetime Silicon Valley salesman Jim Thane reluctantly agrees to try to turn around a failing software company in Florida. His former career is over after the corporate high life led to addiction (alcohol, drugs, and gambling), his young son has drowned (while in Thane's care), and his wife is (understandably) shell-shocked by the losses she has suffered. Thane has bucked his addictions by the time he takes over at Tao Software, but he encounters a new set of challenges: the company is in deep trouble and will run out of cash in a matter of weeks. Meanwhile, the previous CEO has disappeared without a trace, and Thane finds himself in much deeper waters than he anticipated. Klein, the founder of several tech companies in Silicon Valley, clearly knows the business world, but the pervasive, less-than-credible malevolence (and graphic, gratuitous violence) may strike some readers as at odds with Thane's comic narrative voice. Agent: Lukas Ortiz, Philip Spitzer Agency. (Apr.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
Jimmy Thane knows all about crossroads. Every time he's faced with one he's taken the wrong path. At the peak of his career, he chose alcohol. When his job became shaky, he turned to drugs. And when his wife lost faith in him, he turned to other women. Now, Jimmy's clean, and he's at a new crossroad: he's landed the job of a CEO at a failing company in South Florida and has seven weeks to turn it around.<br> Except, from the moment he enters the building, he senses there's something very wrong--the place is too quiet, too empty. When the police come calling about the disappearance of the former CEO, Jimmy begins to wonder what he got himself into.<br> <br> Then he discovers surveillance equipment in his neighbor's house, looking straight into his living room. And he begins to notice that his wife isn't just tired, she's terrified, and trying to hide it.<br> <br> Nothing is as it seems. Jimmy no longer feels like he's living the dream. Instead, he's plunged into the worst kind of nightmare there is. And when he finally gets to the truth, it's more shocking and terrifying than could be imagined.
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